Here I come, UK!

Hi Curlies! I have a special message: tomorrow i’m traveling to the UK and i will live there for 1 year as a continuous journey of my graduation study. 

Tomorrow morning i’ll get the plane and i’ll arrive the next day. So i won’t have that much time to answer your questions or post here on the blog for some time! 

Don’t worry, when i buy my laptop there and have some internet access, i can start uploading the blog again! So if you want to leave your questions in my askbox, i will reply them when i have time :)




My hair literally has ridiculous knots in it for months.. i have dont know my hair type name but i m black n got the really tight curl/nappy hair that tangles very easily. I tried finger dangling n combing, n making it really moisturized but cant get rid of knots, i end up cutting it out.. what other ways can i sort this problem out?


maybe your hair is dry or needing some slip to detangle..check in my videos naptural’s videos, she is a 4 hair type and gives a LOT of tips for coily haired girls! :)

Hello i have always had a huge obsession with curls! I am Spanish and i am thinking of getting a curly hair perm i want it to look as natural as possible can you give me some tip on the perm info? how much does it shrink , does it damage your hair what is the best curly hair perm to get? thank you so much! :)


haha that’s interesting! i really know nothing about perms i’m so sorry i can’t help you :( you can google it though! x

Hi! In one of your links "~~One more Curly Tips for you curlies ~~", you say "never touch your wet hair". Is it right?


yes!! haha if you touch your hair when it’s wet, you’ll see frizz all over the place! trust me ;) try touching your hair while it’s wet one day and see the results after it’s dry. Then when you wash it again, try no to touch it till it’s dry and compare the results.

Hi! I'm sorry if this question has already been asked. So I used to have really healthy, nice 3b curly hair until I decided to get a straight perm. Now I realized I prefer my curly hair. What can I do to get it back? I know I need to grow the straight hair out. Have you got any tips for me? Thank you (I love this site btw)


Thanks! :) To get back your natural curly hair, you’ll have to wait to grow it again. Gradually cut your straight parts till it’s gone.

Check my links for homemade recipes to keep your hair healthy over the transitioning period x

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